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Our services in SEO are NOT for all businesses

My prices start at £500 / month, if you already know you that this is way over your budget then save yourself some time. If you feel that it is to big a cost, you are looking at it in short term and not thinking about the long term beneifts on how this will completely change the outlook of your business. My SEO campaigns last for 12 months on a monthly rolling contract, you can cancel at any time if you feel it’s not working, or even if you are happy with the results you have gotten within the 12 month time frame.

I am open to working with all industries, however if I feel your industry may be misleading, or during my research find that your business sells a substandard product or service, I won’t send you a video analysis.

I am proud of the service I deliver and I want to work with businesses that have a positive impact on people.

Due the drama that start-ups bring me, I have decided to no longer take applications from them. If you feel that you deserve some special consideration then please email me before filling out this application.

What do I look for:

I want your business to be currently active and in healthy shape. You are looking to improve on what you have got by taking your business to the next level through Google SEO.

That is all.

If you think you meet the criteria and would like to talk more about increasing your exposure please fill out the form below.

It’s very simple, just to get a few facts and areas that I will look at and help me research for your video analysis.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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